terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Workshop com Hilde Cannoodt (UK) em Salvador - Bahia - Brasil

20 de janeiro de 2013

Módulo 1:
Geometria da Dança do Ventre - 10 às 12h

Módulo 2:
Interdisciplianridade - 14h às 16h 

R$110 (pagamentos efetuados até 5 de janeiro)
R$140 (pagamentos efetuados a partir de 6 de janeiro)

Info: joline_teixeira@hotmail.com

Originally from Belgium, Hilde moved to Brighton in 2004 to pursue her career as a dancer. At a young age she became passionate about dance and she took her first dance class in 1996. She started with street dance and funk classes with Majid Ghadiri (NL), Marsha Momerency, Haider and Saho (BE), but it wasn't long before she discovered belly dance. For years to come she practised the different Middle Eastern techniques and rhythms and took regular classes with Serkan and Sarah Chebaro (BE) and workshops with an endless list of performers and instructors from all over the globe, such as Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Frederique, Amy Sigil from Unmata, Mira Betz, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Sharon Kihara, Samantha Emanuel, Aziza, Ava Fleming, Ariellah, Heather Stants from Urban Tribal , Suhaila Salimpour , Donna Mejia , Colleena Shakti and Carolena Nericcio from Fat Chance Belly Dance (US) to name a few.
Over the past 15 years, she has been studying flamenco, ATS, contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, street dance, tribal fusion and Egyptian dance to expand her horizons. Over the years she has created her own unique style of dancing, where Middle Eastern dance techniques are combined with other styles of dance.
In September 2009 she started a 2 year diploma course at the Laban school of Dance (one of the world's finest dance schools) bringing her focus to choreography, choreological studies, anatomy, dance history and dance criticism, yoga, pilates, contemporary dance, ballet, Jazz and Physical theatre, all to understand dance in a broader context.
Hilde often travels to the US to study with Donna Mejia, who is with her extensive training in Contemporary Dance (Silvestre Technique) a great inspiration. Hilde started traveling to Brazil in January 2012 to study with the founder of this technique, Rosangela Silvestre. She often collaborates with Donna Mejia and Ela Rogers and showcased their work at Smith College in Northampton, Massachussets in February 2012, as well as a number of future performances with Donna and Ela in Brighton, UK in March 2012; Tribal Fest in the US in May 2012 and South Africa in June 2012.

Hilde is Fat Chance Belly Dance certified (ATS general skills - September 2007) and received certificate of Achievement (August 2007) for the JWAAD teacher training foundation course. In addition, she has twice taken the performance intensive (April 2009 and November 2009) with Mira Betz. She also completed the Laban 2009 and 2012 Summer School intensive, a 2 week dance intensive focusing on Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Physical Theatre and Yoga.
Hilde has a Bachelors degree in teaching (Leuven, Belgium) and a BA Hons in Dance and Visual Arts (Brighton, UK). She began teaching street dance in Belgium in 2000 and belly dance in the UK since 2004 and has performed at numerous events around the world, such as Brighton Orient, de Wereldfeesten (Belgium), Sport en Spel dag (Belgium), the Brighton Fringe Festival, Glade Festival, Tribalondon, Bloodmoon (US), Raqs Tribal (Poland), Raqs Britannia (2010), zills and thrills (Belgium), The Spiegeltent (Brighton Fringe Festival), Volupte (London), Proud Cabaret (London), Belly Fusions (France),... Apart from all over the England, she has performed in Belgium, Ireland, Jersey, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia and in the US. She has often been a guest performer with Voodoo Vaudeville and the Aviator club and has performed together with Phil Thornton and the Balkan Brass band Fanfara and has had the honour to dance side by side with Natacha Atlas (March 2010, Brighton Orient launch party). In 2011 she started Chaos Carousel, an ensemble with her and 3 fantastic musicians, bringing global sounds with global dance moves.
In 2007 she founded Masmoudi DC , combining tribal and fusion belly dance together with various other dance styles, from contemporary dance to street dance. Ever since, they have performed together in Hilde's shows side by side with other performers such as Moirai, Mira Betz, Samantha Emanuel and Unmata, each of which sold out completely and was a great success. Please click here for upcoming belly dance performances by Masmoudi and Hilde.
Hilde has collaborated with various choreographers, including Donna Mejia (August 2011) and Wendy Buonaventura (June 2011 - September 2011)

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